Our enterprise

Our enterprise


SERTI offers a complete Dealership Management System for automobile and heavy truck dealerships.
All-Inclusive: Front-end, Accounting, Fixed operations and CRM Et quoniam apud eos ut in capite mundi morborum acerbitates celsius dominantur, ad quos vel sedandos omnis professio medendi torpescit, excogitatum est adminiculum sospitale nequi amicum perferentem similia videat, additumque est cautionibus paucis remedium aliud satis validum, ut famulos percontatum missos quem ad modum valeant noti hac.


  • 1975 Les Services Serti inc. founded by Jean-Marc Thibault, who remained President until retiring in Feb. 2014
  • 1988 Serti Dealership System officially launched
  • 1999 SERTI becomes the first Quebec IBM partner to achieve Premier Business Partner Status
  • 2002 Survey commissioned by IBM finds SERTI ranked top in customer satisfaction with 86%
  • 2010 SERTI celebrates its 35th anniversary - a great achievement in the IT business!
  • 2010 Another independent survey elevates customer satisfaction index to 93.8%

SERTI Dealership System Fun facts

  • 1st ever SDS customer: Jean paul lorem ipsum
  • 1st ever version developed in: 1978
  • 1st installation team consisted of: 45
  • How many calls come in every day to our support line? 148
  • Did you know that SDS now counts 2 official retirees? 13

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